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Audio clips from various bands, shows, sessions here at Shabby, Old Shabby and elsewhere.
Sound examples From New SRS 2020
Drum Sounds From SRS 2020 A - Client of the studio
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Here is another recent session from April 2020 at SRS. The drums have minimal processing on them and I've left in the temporary midi bass from the client that was part of the stems I got to play to.  

Drum Sounds From SRS 2020 B
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Shuffle day at Shabby! Here is another recent session from April 2020 at SRS. The drums have VERY minimal processing on them and I've left in the temporary midi piano from the client that was part of the stems I got to play to.  

The Bob Lazar Story
Clips from The Ghost Of Foodstool EP - The Bob Lazar Story
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Recorded at Shabby Road Studios this is the second time working with The Bob Lazar Story. This New Zealand Prog Rock outfit is fun, rockin’ and as crazy as it gets folks. If you like your Progressive rock with a cheeky side then this is for you. Available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

QUEEN Sound-A-Likes @ SRS
Queen Sound-a-Likes - We Will Rock You The North American Tour
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A fun session getting to reproduce a couple of Queen classics for instrumental use on the Queen Musical ‘We Will Rock You’ the US tour.

Pretending to be Roger Taylor for the day was so much fun and challenging to recreate an idol whose style is all his own and KILLING IT! One of my heroes growing up:).

Frank Wildhorn: All Along
All Along/Monitor Mix @SRS - Frank Wildhorn
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A session here at Shabby Road for Frank Wildhorn and his MD & Arranger Jason Howland. Just a stupid big ballard:). Drums sound killer and this is just a monitor mix I did here for the guys back in NYC to OK the part. Who needs Oceanway:)

Breman Project/Steve Jordan Band
Kiss Covers/Steve Jordan Band - Breman Movie project
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Here’s a little treat! I got to put the finishing touches on the mixes of the Steve Jordan Band. The Breman Project as well as using the composing talents of Lance Horne also used Steve Jordan to produce and perform a few KISS covers for the movie. And as if mixing weren’t enough I got to provide the little drum solo on R’n’R All Nite and again the talents of Nick Perez on guitar for a Rockin’ solo on Detroit Rock City! A fun session and pretty cool to get to be a part of this:)

Damian Joyce
Clips from the album RAW - Damian Joyce
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Clips from Damian Joyce’s Raw album. Classic singer/songwriter style. Recorded the old fashioned way, not a computer screen in sight, all analogue:) Damian's album RAW featuring Keith Emerson is available on iTunes.

Taboo The Original Broadway Cast Recording
Clips From Taboo Broadway Cast Album - Taboo NYC Cast
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The Original cast recording from the New York, Broadway version of Boy George’s ‘Taboo’. We tracked the whole album in the traditional broadway way, all in a day:). Recorded at Right Track Studios (no longer there) with Frank Filipetti at the helm.

The Boy George Band
Clips from BBC Session and Studio - The Boy George band
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Tracks from various sessions with Boy George and his band. A wonderful BBC 2 live radio session at Maida Vale and a track from the studio.

Barclay James Harvest
Live from Bonn 2002 - Barclay James Harvest
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From the Live album ‘Barclay James Harvest Live in Bonn’. This band has been going since 1969 and STILL is too! A great bunch of guys and some of the maddest touring I've ever done. 

Sizer Barker
Sizer Barker/Fuzzy Logic Clips - Sizer Barker & Fuzzy Logic
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Tracks for the album ‘Hotel Juicy Parlour’ and older recordings with the first version of the band, Fuzzy Logic. Some of the best songwriting I've ever heard and played with on display here and this was one of the first bands I played in from about the age of 19 to 24. Lots of gigs and tours, learning how it gets done!

The Bob Lazar Project
Rawk II - The Bob Lazar Project
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Crazy session done here at ‘Shabby Road Studios’ for The Bob Lazar Story in New Zealand. This was my first time working with Matt over the internet on his insane music.

The Dirty Diamond
Clips from Self Titled Album - The Dirty Diamond
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The Dirty Diamond. A rock’n’roll band I played with in Los Angeles. The band is still kickin' it on the streets of Hollywood, great songs and a fun band.

Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy
Clips from Doll - Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy
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Tracks for the album ‘Doll’ by NYC artist Kevin Cahoon. A former 'Hedwig' Kevin has been gigging around NYC for quite a while. I got to be in the band for a while, record some songs and shoot a fun video.

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