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Wicked The Musical: Videos in the pit at the Pantages Hollywood.............

Video clips from my time playing the musical ‘Wicked’ in Los Angeles. The show ran for two years, almost 600 shows and continued its massive success here at the Pantages theatre, Hollywood. I have continued to be a part of the Wicked family, covering both national tours 1 & 2 in many cites throughout the United States and Canada. I am very happy to be bringing the show back to Los Angeles for the December 2014 run to close the 1st National tour after almost 10 years on the road!


Defying Gravity March 2015

Yeah! The big dramatic end to the first act and probably the most popular:) tune in the show. This will give you goosebumps everynight, all our Witches KILL IT and it's nice to be down there giving them the R'n'R to power them through 8 shows a week!

No One Mourns The Wicked March 2015

This is the first big number in the show. Some Cool grooves and dramatic nonsense going on, lot's of fun to play and a great way to start the show.

Opening Of Act II March 2015

Another good example of the moving target of a down beat in Musical Theatre. This is fun to play and runs right into 10 minutes of 5/8! Don't worry I cut that part out:).


Dancing Through Life March 2015
This is a fun one to play, lot's of different feels and grooves happening. A lot of dance hits too, pretty classic theatre pop!
What Is This Feeling

From our 2 year run at the Pantages 2007-2009.

No Good Deed/Witchhunters March 2015

The above is a lesson in Prog Rock meets Musical Theatre:) My favorite number to play every night, even after 1300 odd shows. This has it all and it’s like following a moving target, those of you who have played shows will know what I mean.

As Long As You're Mine

From our 2 year run at the Pantages 2007-2009.

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