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My equipment and the companies I love & endorse.
Pearl Drums

This kit did 8 shows every week for two years with me from 2007-2009, then went on to be the Wicked Tour kit and STILL going strong.


Great drums and a great company to be with (Go Kevin Bligh) and now John Farquharson at the A&R helm......... I have used the Reference Series Drums on Neil Diamond World Tour, Wicked LA & US Tours, Alan Cumming and varoius tours & sessions since 2006.

Zildjian Cymbals

Zildjian, the only and best cymbals! I have been with Zildjian since 2002 and playing them since1988! Here’s me before a show with Boy George showing off some swanky brass, and my new cymbal:)


I use a a mix of Kerope, Constaninople's, Dark K’s, Custom K’s, A Custom and FX cymbals. Huge thanks to Sarah and Emily on the East coast and Kirsten Matt on the West Coast.

Drum Heads




Aquarian Drum Heads: Chris Brady is the man and Roy Burn's, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! More info at

Ahead Amor Cases
& Sticks




Ahead Amor Cases and sticks are killin’ it, love these things and a big thank to Jon @ Ahead and Jeff @ Ahead/Big Bang Dist.


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