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Shabby Road Studios is BACK!!!!!
Yes it's built with the sole purpose of making drums sound great, it was a hole in the ground and now it's ready for action. 
I have a gallery page dedicated to the build process, if you're super nerdy about that stuff then you're in for a treat.
The tracks are sounding better than ever at the new
Shabby Road Studios!
Drum Tracking............

Vast selection of new/vintage cymbals and acoustic drums , including Pearl Reference drums plus a large collection of Rogers vintage drums from the 70’s. See my Equipment for more information on what I play.

We also carry Fender products here at SRS. A full bass guitar rig, acoustic guitar and full electric guitar setups are ready to go and here for you to use.

The ability to track a full rhythm section live and mix projects. Additional musicians also available upon request.

Tracks can be either uploaded raw in any format for you to mix or a fully finished/mixed and EQ’d version in any format for you to drop into your mix.

Send me your tracks.............


If you are interested in having me play drums on your music get in touch. Just send me your tracks and I'll do the rest!!!!!.................. 

Also, need to record a demo? Full band or just you and your guitar? Maybe just a recording of you to a backing track? Record a ‘Book To Tape’ for your kids to listen to when you're away. I have built a room that you will feel comfortable in recording and creating your masterpiece whether you plan to take over the world or just make your kids smile.


“The professional project studio done right so it’s affordable and comfortable for everyone to use and enjoy”. 

Recorded here in LA at SRS for a client in New Zealand.


Go to my audio page, the Facebook shabbyroadstudiosLA & for more examples of sessions recorded here at Shabby Road Studios. 

Push play to hear 'Threadkiller' by The Bob Lazar Story

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