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Quick history & bio

My Influences as a drummer........


Phil Collins, Jon Bonham, Ringo Starr, Andy Newmark, Chad Smith, Steve Jordan, Vinnie Caliuta, Stevie Wonder, Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie, Stuart Copeland, Lenny Kravitz and all the drummers of David Bowie & Steely Dan. 

Born and raised in Liverpool and now living and working in Los Angeles California for the last 15 years via London, New York City, Las Vegas and Toxteth. My Wife and I have two beautiful, loud, crazy, wonderful, sensitive and annoying young boys.


I did it! I built an actual studio in my backyard. It has taken a while, probably around 18 months but it's all done and I'll be posting photo's of the build progress on my social media and here too. Between touring and sessions here at Shabby Road Studios it's been a busy time and there was even sessions recorded when the place was midway built! Makes it interesting I suppose. Very proud of the finished structure........... Hope you enjoy the boring play-by-play photos of the build:).

I also own and operate with my partner Brian LaFontaine a music contracting, production, arranging and recording company called 'Nothin' Shakin' Productions’. We produce bands and other live acts from concept to stage for clients, including Universal Studios in Hollywood, California.

Past & present projects: Neil Diamond, Rent Live on FOX 2019, Frozen the Musical US 1st National Tour, Alan Cumming, Boy George, Taboo the Musical, Philip Sayce, Wicked the Musical, Barclay James Harvest, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, For The Record: Baz Luhrmann, Todd Schroeder, Damian Joyce, The Bob Lazar Story, Alisan Porter, We Will Rock You: The Musical, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ahead Armor Cases, Dave Nelhs, Sizer Barker, China Crisis, Jekyll & Hyde the Concert, The Calling, Euan Morton, Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy, Ryan Scott Oliver, The Seoul Philharmonic, Pearl Drums, Lance Horne and the One Night Stands, Zildjian Cymbals, The Funky Monks, Ugly Bety, Aquarian Drum Heads, Michael Cerveris, Gregg Wright, The Great American Trailer Park the Musical, The Atlanta Symphony, Breach the Musical, The Clique Girlz, Lés Detours & The Busker Band at Universal Studios Hollywood, Tangerine Burlesques Club, Las Vegas...

Shabby Road Studios

Woodland Hills, CA, 91367


Cell +1 323 687 4688







Current & Recent Projects


I suppose it's like playing the Tony's but only in your PJ's and recording from home here at Shabby Road Studios. Working again with Jason Howland as MD for this streaming event. Another weird gig and sign of the CoVid times. Info below:


Go buy some awesome absolute Prog' Rock craziness from the dynamic duo of Matt Deacon in New Zealand and myself here in Los Angeles. Don't believe me? Well you don't have to just check out all the reviews, follow the link posted on the home page of this site.


Great to kick off and originate this magical shows first tour of the US. We opened LA December 2019. Always good to work for Mr Oremus again and to work with Sean McDaniel the original broadway drummer for the show, the nicest man in showbiz:). Catch the show around the US for the next million years, I will bow out mid 2020.

Alan Cumming Legal Immigrant Live & on Audible

He did a new show and we went out and killed it again! This wonderful show is again funny and as ever, very interesting. Alan will have you laughing and crying all night. We also got to record this for the Audible network. Catch us out on the road or stream us. And happy to say after much touring I'm still ALIVE............... This man can give Kieth Richards a run for his money. Links on my home page.


Live TV is FRIGHTENING.................. When you're controlling aspects of the show musically and cues for lights and sound through Abelton it's mandatory to wear your brown underpants! Having said that if you do it with a team of MONSTER players and Stephen Oremus then you'll be just fine. It was an incredible experience and it didn't end quite as everyone planned (One of the leads broke his foot the night before the broadcast) but hey, such is life. Glad I got to do this and it's full of great memories. Link on homepage.

The Neil Diamond 50th Anniversary World Tour

An absolute pleasure and honor to join Mr Diamond on his 50th anniversary world tour. We performed all over Europe and this was an incredible dream come true not only to play with Neil but to follow on from his drummer for 37 years and legend in his own right Mr Ron Tutt!!!!!!


Go buy some awesome absolute Prog' Rock craziness from the dynamic duo of Matt Deacon in New Zealand and myself here in Los Angeles. Don't believe me? Well you don't have to just check out all the reviews, follow the link posted on the home page of this site.

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs Live @ Walt Disney Hall

Yes. Disney Hall ladies and Gentlemen! Very pleased and proud to announce the show on Jan 29th, 2017 with a few special guests too! A beautiful venue that I've been dying to play ever since I moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago!

Shabby Road Studios business.........

Lot's of tracks recorded over 2016. The usual Singer/Songwriter stuff to Broadway rock to Prog' nonsense. 

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs US Tour.......2015-2017

We've been on and off the road now for 18 months playing some great and beautiful venues in awesome towns all over this great country! Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Kansas City, Louisville, Chicago, Carmel, Cleveland, New Orleans, Stanford, Miami, Portland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Sarasota, Orlando, Durham, Washington D.c at the Kennedy Center! We are gigging until late April so check your local listings! The show is so much fun, Alan is a legend!

Jeff Buckley Tribute Night

Performing the album 'Grace' in it's entirety from start to finish. Such a great show to be a part of and amazing guest singers. This music is no joke!

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs: PBS Special Nov 18th. 

Filmed in Las Vegas this is a slightly editing shorter version of the show. So if you can't make it out to a theatre near you then this TV special will certainly let you live the dream with us through the magic of TV.

Frank Wildhorn and Friends Live in Concert.

A one off concert staged at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, England playing the songs of Frank Wildhorn. Frank is promoting his show 'Wonderland' hitting UK theatres Winter 2017.

Wicked 'The Musical' National Tour.

A Summer visit out to the Tour to cover the chair, this time in Houston, Columbus and South Bend. 8 shows per week for 2 months.......... No joke my friends!

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs Live @ Carnegie Hall!!!!!!!!! 

Yes. That's right Carnegie Hall ladies and Gentlemen! Very pleased and proud to announce the show on Feb 8th 2016 with a few special guests too! Who'd have thunk it, a Rock'n'Roll drummer from Liverpool gets to play Carnegie........... Would you Adam and Eve it!

We will also be in Toronto at the Winter Garden for two shows, Feb 6th.

Alan Cumming Live @ The Carlyle-The Album. 

So after we did our fabulous two weeks back in June we went back there to record the show LIVE! Yes folks, it's done and being released Feb 8th 2016 at the Carnegie Hall show. Get your copy wherever you buy your art:).

The Bob Lazar Story/New Record! Self-Loathing Joe.

It's as crazy as the last one folks:). If you want your Prog' rock itch scratched then this is for you. Written, performed, recorded, mixed by Matt Deacon in New Zealand and me in Canoga Park at Shabby Road. There is occasional bars of 4/4 too:).

Shabby Road business.........

Lot's of tracks recorded over the summer of 2015. Singer/Songwriter 70's pop to Broadway rock to Prog' nonsense. It's been fun and I'm getting some killer tones!

Wicked 'The Musical' National Tour cover.       

Yes, another visit out to Munchkinland to do the Wicked National Tour. I start in the Fall and hit Kansas City, Madison and MIlwaukee. I've never been out that way, what could possibly go wrong;).

Alan Cumming @ The Carlyle, NYC. 

Very excited to be in NYC this coming June to play this 2 week engagement at the Carlyle. The AMAZING Lance Horne will be Music Director for this fabulous event.

Wicked 'The Musical' National Tour cover.

An April visit out to the Tour to cover the chair, this time in Baltimore.

Wicked ‘The Musical‘ @ the Pantages Theatre.          

Another visit for the 1st National tour to Hollywood. We did 14 weeks here and I got to take over the chair again and close out the tour after 10 years on the road!


Nothin’ Shakin’ Productions.

A music Production company contracting musicians, arranging, producing and recording projects for clients in Los Angeles including Universal Studios Hollywood.

Rory O’Malley One Man Show.

A new project with Rory O’Malley from ‘Book Of Mormon. Extremely funny and insightful look at growing up in an Irish family in Ohio. Musical direction from Stephen Oremus.

The Bob Lazar Story.                                    

Crazy, insane prog rock recording done via the internet here at Shabby Road Studios. If you like your prog with a side of humor then this is where it’s at. Available on iTunes & Spotify.

Wicked ‘The Musical‘ @ the Pantages Theatre.             

Drummer for the 2 year Los Angeles run of the hit musical 07-09. Plus cover on both national tours since 2010.

‘Lance Horne’ Multiple Projects & Breman.

New york based Composer and arranger. Drummer, engineer, producition/recording. including the new animation project Breman. All initial demos recorded at Shabby Road plus mixing & mastering the ‘Steve Jordan Band‘ tracks for the movie.

‘For The Record’: Baz Luhrman.

An amazingly talented group performing scenes and music from the Baz Luhrman film catalogue. Live theatre/rock-pop show in Hollywood.

‘Taboo’ The Musical-10 year reunion.

A reunion set of shows marking the 10 year closing of the show on Broadway. Sold out shows at 54 Below with original cast and creative team.

Damian Joyce recordings.

Drummer for the UK singer/songwriter. The album RAW is available on iTunes and other recordings set for release. Also producer/Drummer for the ‘Punk Session’ here at Shabby Road Studios.

Drum Lessons @ SRS.

One of my main motivations for renovating the live room was to make a space that felt great and functioned as a teaching facility. I am very excited to teach at SRS and have already started passing on the knowledge and experience, plus having a fun time creating music with my students. See my ‘Drum Lesson’ page further on in the site for more details.


A full resumé sent on request.


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